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I will teach you English,Madarin $30.00 AUD per hour

Hello, I am Louis from Singapore, and am a confident speaker in both English and Mandarin. I... Read more

by LouisPng 
IELTS/ OET/ general English (levels A1 to C2)

I will teach you IELTS/ OET/ general English... $30.00 AUD per hour

My name is Nelda and I am a professional English Language Teacher. I have a master's degree... Read more

by Nelda 
acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar

I will teach you acoustic guitar, electric... $30.00 AUD per hour

Semi professional musician (I earn money from playing music); I teach all styles except classical... Read more

by WBooth 
practical accounting by easy steps

I will teach you practical accounting by... $30.00 AUD per hour

Financial Accounting Xero,MYOB,Quickbooks Management accounting BAS,GST,PAYG Payroll Any... Read more

by Amali 

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IELTS Examiner Writing NAPLAN Examiner VCE EAL DYNAMIC CARING EXPERT Teacher PhD Theses,

I will teach you IELTS Examiner Writing... $30.00 AUD per hour

I understand that IELTS and other exams is stressful, depressing and confusing, especially when... Read more

by Teacher 
Counselling services

I will teach you Counselling services $30.00 AUD per hour

I am a fully registered counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association and can offer you... Read more

by Amily 
how to over come mental health

I will teach you how to over come mental health $30.00 AUD per hour

Physically I have studied a diploma of counselling, Mentally I have overcome PTSD, Anxiety,... Read more

by alysiaerin 
English : IELTS, OET and pronunciation

I will teach you English : IELTS, OET and... $30.00 AUD per hour

I am a Secondary School Teacher, and as I am currently working as a casual replacement teacher... Read more

by Innes 

I will teach you Economics $30.00 AUD per hour

Hi im willing to teach basic finance ideas in both micro and macro economics Read more

by Atheus